In 2006 we started our adventure buying collectables,antiques and comics. Then in 2014 we opened our first online store. We are unique in that, unlike other comic book stores, we sell and buy collectables,antiques, sports memorabilia, movies and comics.


From its conception, R2DW Collectables has been cherished for its integrity,

honesty, care and warm, inviting character.


We are committed to providing excellent service, and a hassle-free environment for every age and gender. Like other stores and online store we carry new & used movies, comics, antiques, sports memorabilia, art and other items.


R2DW Collectables is Canadian Owned and Operated.  




Stan Lee Ticket Fan Expo 2014
J. Quesada Comic-Con 2009
Wolverine Origins signed J_edited. Quesada Comic-Con 2009
J. Quesada Comic-Con 2009
L Thomas "Soup Nazi" Comic-Con 2009
L Thomas "Soup Nazi" Comic-Con 2009
T. McFarlane Fan Expo 2013
L. Ferrigno Comic-Con 2009
M. Straczynski Comic-Con 2009
R. Ruettiger Fan Expo 2013
Andy Kubert Fan Expo 2014
101" TV UFC Comic-Con 2009
M. Deodato Comic-Con 2009
101" TV UFC 2009 Comic-Con 2009
D. Finch Fan Expo 2014
Mmmm....Comic-Con 2009
Y.  Packette 2013
R.2.D.2 n Me Comic-Con 2009
D. Slott Fan Expo 2014
R.2.D.W's Friend 2015
L & W Simonson Fan Expo 2013
Lego Superman Fan Expo 2013
E. Van Sciver Comic-Con 2009
Lego IronMan Fan Expo 2013
G. Pak Fan Expo 2014
Lego Yoda Fan Expo 2013
Toy Con Quinte 2018

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Canadian Owned & Operated